Meli Medi Spa Pasadena

About Meli Medi Spa and Wellness

Dr. Maureen Elizabeth Li realized that to continue excelling as an anesthesiologist and mommy, she needed to focus on herself first. Only then would she have the capacity to serve others the way she had been for years. At first, focusing on herself meant regular skin care and a trial of Botox. Soon, she discovered a true passion for rejuvenating aging skin, sharing it with her family, friends, and coworkers. Eventually, through dedicated education and training, distinguishing effective technologies from simple fads, she mastered the art of medical aesthetics.

Thus Meli Medi Spa and Wellness was born, as a child of Dr. Li’s passion for aesthetics. Together with Dr. James Kuo, Dr. Peggy Shen, and aesthetician Eunice Song, Dr. Li envisioned a boutique space dedicated to the total client experience. Specifically, she noticed a plethora of medical spas in the Pasadena area, but many lacking careful physician supervision. Many more were effectively run as businesses, not as medical offices with the client’s interest first. Dr. Li also observed that the underlying mantra was frequently “no pain, no gain,” that is one must suffer a little to look beautiful. Applying her anesthesiology expertise in providing pain relief and body resuscitation, she began to personally deliver beauty with comfort, in a warm and welcoming environment.

We invite you to stop by, even to say hello, at Meli Medi Spa and Wellness, where comfort meets beauty, doctor designed.

Meet Our Team

Maureen Elizabeth Li, MD

Medical Director

Dr. Maureen Elizabeth Li received her Medical Doctorate degree from the historic Medical College of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and then completed her residency training in anesthesiology at LAC + USC Medical Center. There, at one of the largest trauma centers in the nation, she guided patients safely through some of the most complicated surgeries in the field of medicine, such as organ transplantations and cardiac bypass surgeries. Since then, for the past ten years, she has been a board-certified anesthesiologist with privileges at Methodist Hospital in Arcadia. Dr. Li quickly developed a strong interest in small anesthetic procedures and aesthetics. In particular, she wanted to incorporate her unique skill set of resuscitative techniques, pain management, and sedation into the booming, yet often poorly regulated, field of aesthetic medicine. Formally certified by the Academy of Aesthetic Medicine, Dr. Li infuses the rigors and evidence-based care of modern medicine into the art of anti-aging and beauty restoration.

Peggy Shen, MD


A graduate of Washington University in St. Louis and an actively practicing anesthesiologist, Dr. Shen brings the same attention to detail that is required to keep a patient alive and well during surgery to the practice of aesthetic medicine.

Eunice Song


With 15 years of experience, Eunice is a certified aesthetician who delivers facials and other skin care services. She specializes in the highly sought-after HydraFacial and maintains beautiful skin for many loyal clients. She is also well-versed in lymphatic drainage massage.

James Kuo, MD


A graduate of UC San Diego School of Medicine, Dr. Kuo oversees the business side of the medical spa. He firmly believes that, like any medical practice, aesthetic services should be personally led by physicians, not businessmen and ancillary staff, in the best interests of clients.